Executive search for commercial key positions

Executive search for commercial key positions

Our heart lies with organizations and professionals who choose ambitious goals. Our strength is connecting the right people, to achieve those goals together. We do this, based on a convincing track record and a fresh, personal approach. Each assignment is customized, intensively guiding the process of exploration and connection between organization and candidate. This philosophy assures an efficient process: 1 of every 3 candidates we introduce, is actually hired.

Do you recognize yourself?

Ambitious organizations

CoSellers works for ambitious organizations with a start-up and scale-up mentality. Do you fit this description?

Pushing limits

Our clients are active on the edge of disciplines and branches. That is exactly where commercial opportunities lie for professionals looking to make an impact.

21st Century Skills

In addition to commercial skills and expertise, empathy and curiosity are also decisive factors in building relationships and closing transactions.

What contacts say:

  • “Hans really tries to get to the core of the person behind the candidate, hereby finding the perfect match with a lasting result!”
    Martijn van de Poel, Commercial Director Bvolve:

  • “Hans contacted me proactively, the match between job opening and my profile was perfect. He guided me excellently in the whole selection process .”
    Michel Kraaijeveld, Account Manager New Business at Think Project!:

  • “CoSellers has acquired a Commercial Director for H3R/Bvolve, who matches perfectly with the growth ambitions of our company. The personal professional style and commitment of Hans Krumm have played an important role in filling in this commercial key position.”
    Henry Franken, CEO H3Rinvestment.com:

  • “Early 2018, Hans has helped me finding a new challenge. What appealed to me the most is that Hans values greatly finding the right match, so I ended up at a different employer than we had initially thought. Through a number of interviews, Hans has been able to get a good view of me, this has significantly contributed in making the right choice.”
    Anko Omlo, Commercial Director NETQ Healthcare BV?

The power of CoSellers

Together with you, we at CoSellers establish exactly what knowledge and skills are essential to fill a commercial post successfully. In this, we look beyond the regular requirements. On the verge of disciplines and branches are active talents who tap into new markets and who can create a true commercial breakthrough. Finding those professionals and connecting them with your company: that is the power of CoSellers.