CoSellers gives you access to engaging commercial roles in ‘new tech’ organizations in the Netherlands. You can count on an excellent match with interesting openings and good guidance and introduction to the client.

For authentic, driven people who connect with customers and prospects with sincerity. People who see themselves as a consultative seller and who work on developing relationships based on vision. Professionals who excel in minimally 50% commercial work. In addition to account managers, sales managers, business developers and commercial directors, this also includes bid managers and pre-sales people.

Vacancies are at 'new tech’ companies that are active in the field of cyber security, AI, machine learning, but also in organizations that enable digital transition.

I am happy to help you with a great commercial position at an organization that prefers to be active in an innovative growth market. A company with a clear proposition, where you are given space and appreciation to use your talents successfully and work with pleasure.

Just like you, I am expanding my network daily with people for whom I can mean something, now or in the future. Send me a message via WhatsApp, Signal or LinkedIn and I am happy to tell you about my approach and current openings.