CoSellers opens the doors to challenging commercial and marketing positions at distinctive companies in the Netherlands. Expect a precise match with engaging job opportunities and guidance that seamlessly introduces you to the client.

In the commercial domain, you can consider roles such as account manager, sales manager, business developer, commercial director, bid manager, and pre-sales specialist. We are looking for authentic, driven individuals who genuinely connect with clients, prospects, and colleagues. At CoSellers, we focus on consultative salespeople who build relationships from a clear vision.

For marketers, CoSellers offers positions such as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), marketing manager, and digital marketing specialist. Modern marketers distinguish themselves through creativity and a data-driven mindset, with a sharp understanding of the customer journey. Flexible and socially adept, they adapt to changes. Analytical thinking, collaboration, and ethical behavior are essential, with a growing focus on sustainability in marketing efforts.

I am ready to help you find a wonderful commercial and/or marketing position within an organization that preferably operates within an innovative growth market. A place where the proposition is clear, and where you have the space and recognition to deploy your talents successfully and joyfully.

Just like you, I expand my network daily with people for whom I can, now or in the future, make a difference. Will you invite me? Send me a message via WhatsApp, Signal, or LinkedIn, and I'll be happy to tell you about my approach and current job opportunities.