We know or find successful marketing and sales professionals for your organization. 

In today's world, there is a need for authentic professionals who are not only aware of trends and technology but can also effectively apply them in line with organizational goals and societal contexts.

I am Hans Krumm, and I recruit and select authentic sales and marketing professionals for companies with a challenger and/or scale-up mentality.

In the commercial domain, I have extensive experience successfully filling roles such as account manager, sales manager, business developer, commercial director, bid manager, and pre-sales specialist. I am actively seeking authentic, driven individuals who genuinely connect with clients, prospects, and colleagues. Consultative sellers who build relationships based on a clear vision.

For marketers, CoSellers offers positions such as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), marketing manager, and digital marketing specialist. Modern marketers distinguish themselves through creativity and a data-driven mindset, with a keen understanding of the customer journey. Flexible and socially adept, they adapt to changes. Analytical thinking, collaboration, and ethical conduct are essential, with a growing focus on sustainability in marketing efforts.

Curious about the value I can bring to your organization? Feel free to reach out to me via WhatsApp, Signal, or LinkedIn.